About Us

    About Us

    If you’re looking to improve your skin by using the perfect exfoliator for your particular skin type, then you’ve come to the right place!

    My name is Brittney Fox and I’m absolutely obsessed with exfoliating and everything having to do with making my skin as youthful, and radiant as possible.

    Every week, I try a different exfoliator and then tell you all about my experience right here on this website.

    You’ll notice that our reviews are honest, and very comprehensive.

    We don’t give out 5 star ratings very often, and will not hesitate to call out a product if we don’t like the way it works.

    Not only do I try exfoliating products for my face, I also try body scrubs and exfoliators for the body.

    So what you’re going to find here is a complete resource on the beauty secret that everyone should do to bring out the best in their skin!

    Please note that I find and buy all of the exfoliators we review myself.

    But if you know of one you’d like us to try, just send us an email (or connect with us on social media) with the name.

    We don’t accept free product so don’t even bother sending it over ;)


    Brittney Fox