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    Detailed review of Aria Starr Coconut Milk Body Scrub. See how it stacks up against other exfoliators!

    Aria Starr Coconut Milk Body Scrub ReviewProduct Name:  Aria Starr Coconut Milk Body Scrub

    Overall Rating:  3 Star Rating

    Exfoliator Type:  Body Scrub

    For Body or Face?:  Body

    Use:  As Desired

    Size:  12 oz

    Price:  $47.95

    Cost Per Ounce:  $3.99

    Where To Buy:  Click Here

    # Of Ingredients:  10

    Notable Ingredients:  Coconut Milk, Sea Salt, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Dead Sea Salt, Vitamin E

    Quick Summary

    This is a sweet-smelling body scrub with sea salt.

    Overall, I decided to give this 3 out of 5 stars, so I thought this was a pretty good product for the price.

    First, it smells great. It smells very sweet – just like coconut, which is tropical and relaxing.

    It is a white scrub with sea salt as the exfoliating particle, which is gentle enough without being too rough.

    I noticed that the product seemed pretty dry, even for a body scrub.

    I didn’t think there was enough of the coconut milk or almond oil to moisturize as I exfoliated. This made the salt granules very loose.

    I decided to use it on my arms and legs to see the effects over time.

    It really seemed to exfoliate well with the sea salt, leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth after rinsing it off.

    Because the salt granules were so dry, it was hard to spread them across the surface area of my skin, which made exfoliating patchy.

    It was easy to rinse off with warm water and did not leave a bad film or residue.

    Overall, the sea salt exfoliated well, but I wished there was more oil/moisturizing in the product.

    Detailed Review:


    Gritty sea salt body scrub. Very dry.

    Smell (in the bottle)


    Application Process

    Because this is a body scrub, I used it in the shower.

    The jar is simple enough – easy to scoop some out and apply.

    Like most body scrubs, I made sure to shake the jar before use to get the oil from the bottom to be more even in the jar.

    Even after mixing it around, it still seemed really dry. The salt was almost loose in the jar.

    Since there was not much oil, I felt like it exfoliated in some areas better than others, as the salts did not spread across my legs evenly, so I had to continually get more product from the jar as I was exfoliating.

    Applying was very easy – the sea salt really exfoliated well without being too abrasive.

    Rinsing it off was easy with warm water.

    It did not leave too much of a mess, even with having to scoop it out.

    Any Drying and/or Redness?

    I did not have any redness or break outs.

    It did seem to leave my legs fairly dry.

    Short Term Results

    My skin was definitely exfoliated just after use and felt soft.

    I noticed that over several minutes after use, my skin would dry out quite a bit.  The small amount of oil in the scrub did not moisturize the way I had hoped it would.

    I also noticed the coconut smell did linger for some time after using it, which some people may or may not like.

    Long Term Results

    Overall, I did not see a major change or improvement in my skin.

    I do think it exfoliated fine, but left my skin feeling dry.

    I expected better results with the ingredients such as the Vitamin E and Avocado Oil.


    This exfoliator contains coconut milk, which has tons of great fats and proteins that are great for your skin – it also makes it smell amazing too!

    Sea salt is a mineral used in many different exfoliators that really tends to work well in removing that top layer of dead skin to expose the soft new layer of skin.

    Vitamin E does amazing things for the skin. It is a natural antioxidant, which can make skin look younger.


    The base price for this exfoliator is $47.95 for 12 oz, which is definitely on the more expensive side.

    We were able to find it for $13.95 on the Aria Starr website, which was very reasonable.

    Where To Buy

    To buy Aria Starr Coconut Milk Body Scrub, click here.

    Aria Starr Coconut Milk Body Scrub: Summary

    FactorAria Starr Coconut Milk Body Scrub
    Overall Rating3 Star Rating
    Texture/FeelCoarse salt body scrub
    SmellCoconut, tropical
    Application ProcessEasy to apply and easy to rinse off
    Drying/Redness?Some dryness, no redness
    ResultsExfoliated well, but left my skin feeling dry
    IngredientsVitamin E, Coconut Milk, Almond Oil, Sea Salt
    Where To BuyClick Here

    Aria Starr Coconut Milk Body Scrub Review

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