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Detailed review of Artnaturals Himalayan Salt Scrub. See how it stacks up against other exfoliators!

Artnaturals Himalayan Salt Scrub ReviewProduct Name:  Artnaturals Himalayan Salt Scrub

Overall Rating:  4 Star Rating

Exfoliator Type:  Salt Scrub Exfoliator

For Body or Face?:  Body

Use:  As desired 1-2 minutes

Size:  20 oz

Price:  $13.00

Cost Per Ounce:  $0.65

Where To Buy:  Click Here

# Of Ingredients:  10

Notable Ingredients:  Himalayan Sea Salt, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Shea Butter

Quick Summary

I was surprised how much I liked this body scrub.

I do not generally use a body scrub regularly, but this one made me want to use one more often.

The Himalayan Sea Salt works great as the exfoliating beads.

Like most body scrubs, it comes in a large jar, which makes things a little messy.

The smell is great and has an all-natural soothing smell to it, but it doesn’t smell like anything in particular.

I used this on my arm and legs mostly and it seemed to work great!

It was just coarse enough so that I felt like it was removing that top layer of dead skin without being too rough.

After use, my skin felt really soft and moisturized, which was really surprising.

I usually find body scrubs to be too dry, but this one left my skin feeling really moisturized even hours after I exfoliated.

One thing I didn’t like as much was that it left a pretty strong smell after it dried, so if I added moisturizer, it was a lot with all the scents.

I didn’t have any redness or drying at all even after several uses.

I thought that for the overall price it was a great product that worked well.

Detailed Review:


Light pink, coarse body scrub with fine salt particles.

Smell (in the bottle)

Soothing fresh organic smell.

Application Process

Like most body scrubs, this comes in a jar, so I made sure to mix it around each time before using it so all the oils weren’t at the bottom.

Because I used it in the shower, it didn’t matter that scooping it out is a little messy.

I felt like a little bit of the product went a long way and exfoliated well.

It was easy to rinse off and didn’t leave any weird residue.

Any Drying and/or Redness?

I did not have any drying or redness after several uses, but the smell did linger on my skin.

Short Term Results

I really liked how Artnaturals Himalayan Salt Scrub made my skin feel.

I thought each time it really exfoliated well without being too harsh.

The oils left my skin feeling really soft right after using it.

Long Term Results

This scrub made my skin feel so soft and clean.

I didn’t get the “toning” or the “even complexion” that some people want out of their exfoliators, but I thought it made my skin feel great.


I think the ingredients in this product are really what made my skin feel so soft.

The Jojoba Oil is awesome at moisturizing and is thought to mimic the natural oils that our skin already makes. It is great for both dry and oily skin.

Shea Butter is used in tons of different skin products and does a great job at moisturizing.

Himalayan Sea Salt is also very common in scrubs and I really liked this one because the salt is really fine instead of being coarse and too rough.


This is sold in a 20 oz jar for $13.00, which is an amazing price for so much product.

Where To Buy

To buy Artnaturals Himalayan Sea Salt Scrub, click here.

Artnaturals Himalayan Salt Scrub: Summary

Factor Artnaturals Himalayan Salt Scrub
Overall Rating 4 Star Rating
Texture/Feel Salt Scrub
Smell Soothing organic – no particular smell
Application Process Very easy to apply and easy to rinse off
Drying/Redness? No
Results Left skin feeling exfoliated and moisturized
Ingredients Himalayan Sea Salt, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil
Price $13.00
Where To Buy Click Here

Artnaturals Himalayan Salt Scrub Review

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