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    Detailed review of Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains for Face. See how it stacks up against other exfoliators!

    Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains for Face ReviewProduct Name:  Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains for Face

    Overall Rating:  4.5 Star Rating

    Exfoliator Type:  Grains

    For Body or Face?:  Face

    Use:  2-3 Times Per Week

    Size:  0.99 oz

    Price:  $43.00

    Cost Per Ounce:  $43.00

    Where To Buy:  Click Here

    # Of Ingredients:  7

    Notable Ingredients:  Adzuki Bean Powder, Polyethylene

    Quick Summary

    I’m a huge fan of Bobbi Brown’s Buffing Grains for Face.  This product consists of dry, loose grains that can be added to your daily cleanser or water.

    My favorite thing about this product is the ability to customize the level of exfoliation just by varying the amount of grains you add in.  That way you can tailor your treatment depending on what you’re looking for.

    The results I saw from using these buffing grains were astonishing.  My skin was visibly smoother and refreshed.

    I gave this exfoliator 4.5 out of 5 stars because I believe it is one of the better exfoliators on the market.

    Detailed Review:


    Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains for Face are a little different than your average exfoliator.  They come out of the jar as dry, rough grains.  If you look closely you can see the multiple types of grains this product is made of.

    I really like the packaging of this exfoliator.

    The grains come in a small glass bottle with an easy pour top.

    The glass jar is sleek and modern looking.

    I actually leave it out on my bathroom counter as a cute accessory :)


    Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains don’t have a scent to them.

    Application Process

    To use Bobbi Brown’s Buffing Grains mix with water or your favorite cleanser, lightly massage onto your skin, rinse and pat dry.

    It didn’t specify how often to use this product.  These grains are on the rough side for an exfoliator, so I use them 2-3 times a week.

    I really like that you can add this product into a cleanser of your choice to turn it into an exfoliator.

    If you prefer not to use a cleanser, you can use the product with water.  I preferred adding the grains into my cleanser.  That way I cleansed and exfoliated at once.

    When using the grains with water I found the product to be difficult to spread across my face and delivered more of a harsh exfoliation. When adding the product into my cleanser it provided a little bit of a lubricant for the product, and I found it easier to use.

    My favorite thing about this product is that you can customize your level of exfoliation.  By having dry grains, Bobbi Brown’s Buffing grains allow you to vary the ratio of cleanser (or water) to grains depending on the state of your skin.

    Any Drying and/or Redness?

    I did not experience drying or redness when using this product.


    I loved the results I saw from using Bobbi Brown’s Buffing Grains.

    After using, my face felt extremely soft and refreshed.  It did an amazing job removing any areas of dry skin I had prior to use.  My skin looked visibly smoother and rejuvenated.

    I felt like a new woman after using these, they were THAT great!


    One of the key ingredients in Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains for Face is adzuki bean powder.  This powder has been famous in Japanese skin care regiments as it is known to smooth and brighten skin.

    Unfortunately, this exfoliator also uses microbeads as another one of their main ingredients.  Although microbeads may be an effective exfoliant, their negative affect on the environment has been a hot topic in the beauty industry.


    Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains for Face costs $43.00 for 0.99 oz. of grains.  Although this is on the expensive side for exfoliators, a little bit of these grains go a long way and the results are definitely worth the high price tag.

    Where To Buy

    To buy Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains for Face, click here.

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