Which Exfoliation Methods Work Best For Flawless Skin?

    Exfoliation MethodsBy now, you probably know how great exfoliating is for your skin.

    It slows down aging, boosts cell turnover, and increases radiance.

    Plus, it paves the way for the rest of your skincare products to penetrate your skin more deeply, and therefore do a better job delivering helpful ingredients.

    But what you might not know is which exfoliation method works best for revealing flawless skin?

    It’s kind of a trick question, as each skin type requires a different method.

    Here is a quick guide to exfoliation methods and which one may work best for your skin type:

    Grainy Exfoliators

    These scrubs are best for people with normal to combination skin. Made of little beads of apricot, walnut, silica, jojoba, or a variety of other ingredients, grainy exfoliators slough of dead skin and leave your face feeling soft.  Start from your neck and work upward in gentle, circular motions for the best results, and make sure to rinse clean.

    Powdered Exfoliators

    Sensitive skin? Go for one of these light, soothing powdered exfoliators.  Powdered exfoliators are a newer method and all the rage with designer skincare brands, but certain Asian cultures have been using them for generations.

    Mix a little of the powder with some water until it’s foamy, then apply in circular motions to clean skin. The grains of powder are strong enough to rid your skin of dead cells, but gentle enough to keep your face from drying out.  These are also great when you’re traveling, as they don’t count toward your liquid limit!

    Facial Brushes

    If you have dry skin and are feeling a little lazy with your skincare routine, grab an exfoliating facial brush.  It’s like a two-in-one product, because you use it with your cleanser, a step you’re probably already taking anyway.  Electric facial brushes exfoliate skin while cleansing, and they deliver more thorough cleansing benefits than your hands or a washcloth ever could.

    According to study by Olay, 30 percent more ingredients are able to penetrate your skin if it’s cleansed with a brush versus another method.  That means your moisturizer and cleanser work harder, while you work less.

    Chemical Exfoliation

    Like a chemical peel, but less intense, chemical exfoliators use natural acids to break down dead cells and release them from your skin.  It sounds scary, but don’t worry, these acids are usually from fruits and other organic ingredients.

    Chemical exfoliators are especially great if you have sun-damaged skin or fine lines, as they’ve been proven to reduce sunspots and aging.  Depending on your skin needs, there are plenty of options.  Go for a product with salicylic acid if your skin is plagued with acne, or an exfoliator with hydroxy acids if you’re hoping to delete sun damage.

    Looking For An Exfoliator That Uses These Methods?

    So there you have it– a rundown on all the different types of exfoliaton methods you can use to get your skin in tip-top shape!

    For specific product recommendations, be sure to check out our ranking of the best exfoliators.

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