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Review of: First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Polish

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Detailed review of First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Polish. See how it stacks up against other exfoliators!

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Polish ReviewProduct Name:  First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Polish

Overall Rating:  2 Star Rating

Exfoliator Type:  “Polish”

For Body or Face?:  Face

Use:  Daily

Size:  3.5 oz

Price:  $25.00

Cost Per Ounce:  $7.14

Where To Buy:  Click Here

# Of Ingredients:  ~40

Notable Ingredients:  Shea Butter, Shea Nut Shell Powder, Willow Bark Extract, Grape Seed Oil

Quick Summary

This exfoliator is marketed as an exfoliating “polish”.

I ended up giving this product 2/5 stars because of several things I didn’t like.

The product is labeled as a polish, but the consistency is more like a lotion.

There are not very many exfoliating particles in the polish, so it did not feel like much of an exfoliator.

The color is white with brown exfoliating “beads,” which I liked so I didn’t have to worry about staining anything.

The product is labeled as “fragrance free,” but the product definitely has a smell – and it’s not good.  It definitely fits with the “first aid” label in that it smells like sunscreen or some medicated ointment.

The consistency of the polish was fine – the application was easy.

I felt like I couldn’t really wash it off completely.  I had to splash water on my face for a long time to feel like all of the residue came off.

The price of the product was reasonable at $25.

Detailed Review:


This one is a thin, white lotion-like product with a few small exfoliating particles.

Smell (in the bottle)

The product is marketed as “fragrance free” but it has a bad smell of a medicated ointment or sunscreen.

Because this product is used on the face, the smell is intense and does not completely wash off after you’re done exfoliating.

Application Process

Application was easy enough – the consistency was not too thin or dripping, though it does feel slimy.

There are very few exfoliants in the “polish,” even when I applied a lot of pressure, I didn’t feel like I was getting good exfoliation.

It is a white product, so there was no staining.

It took several minutes of rinsing to feel like all the product had washed away.  Needless to say, it was pretty tedious work washing it off.

Any Drying and/or Redness?

I didn’t have any drying or redness.

Short Term Results

After use, I felt like there was a thin film of the product left on my face.

I didn’t have any adverse reactions, but I also didn’t see any significant change in the tone or texture of my skin.

The smell also lingers right after use for a while.

Because of the residue afterward, I didn’t want to apply any lotion after I exfoliated.

Long Term Results

I didn’t see any significant improvement in tone or softness to my skin.

I was using this daily as recommended on the back of the bottle, which didn’t irritate my skin.

Frankly, I was hoping for better results in the long run, but I was sadly disappointed.


This exfoliating polish contains shea butter, licorice root, feverfew, shea nut shell powder, and willow bark extract.

Shea butter comes from fat taken from the nut of a Shea Tree.  It has been used for decades in many products for moisturizing.

I like that it has antioxidants like white tea extract and licorice root, which are used to help protect skin from the damage from the environment.

White tea can help keep the skin from breaking down and aging by preventing enzymes that break down collagen.

Shea nut shell powder is used as the actual exfoliant, which has been shown to be very effective in several products on the market. The shea nutshell powder was fine as the exfoliating ingredient, but there was so little of it in the “polish” I did not get a good result.

Feverfew is a plant that has been used in tons of products as an anti-inflammatory, which can reduce redness and irritation.  I didn’t have any bad reactions when using this product, and that could be because it includes this ingredient.


First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Polish is $25.00 for 3.5 oz or ~$7.14 per oz.

I found the price to be higher than most exfoliators you can buy in a drugstore.  And for the result, I thought it was a little too pricey.

Where To Buy

To buy First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Polish, click here.

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Polish: Summary

Factor First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Polish
Overall Rating 2 Star Rating
Texture/Feel Exfoliating “polish” with the texture of a lotion
Smell Medicinal
Application Process Easy to apply, slimy rinsing off
Drying/Redness? No
Results No results as far as clearer skin, anti-aging, etc
Ingredients Shea Nut Shell Powder, Shea Butter, Bark Extract
Price $25.00
Where To Buy Click Here

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Polish Review

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