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    Detailed review of HoneySkin Face and Body Microdermabrasion. See how it stacks up against other exfoliators!

    HoneySkin Face and Body Microdermabrasion ReviewProduct Name:  HoneySkin Face and Body Microdermabrasion

    Overall Rating:  2 Star Rating

    Exfoliator Type:  Gel-Scrub

    For Body or Face?:  Both

    Use:  Twice weekly

    Size:  4 oz

    Price:  $16.98

    Cost Per Ounce:  $4.24

    Where To Buy:  Click Here

    # Of Ingredients:  20

    Notable Ingredients:  Aloe Vera, Manuka Honey, Walnut Shell Powder, Coconut Oil

    Quick Summary

    I was really excited to try this because of all the great things I have heard about Manuka Honey.

    After using it a couple of times, I was really disappointed overall.

    This is an oily scrub that is meant for your face and body.

    First, the bottle is just ok, but since the product is so oily, it was leaking through the wrapping before I opened it.

    The exfoliating particles are walnut shell, which are really popular and have been effective in other products. But these were pretty big and there weren’t a ton of them, so exfoliating in small areas was sort of difficult.

    I noticed that after a few uses, it really dried out my skin, even with the oils and honey.

    I really felt like I couldn’t wash it all off, like there was a film left on my skin after I used it.

    This is definitely only an exfoliating scrub, as it did not remove any dirt or makeup from my face. It really only exfoliated in a few areas like my cheeks and left oily residue everywhere else.

    The smell is really nice and subtle, which I liked, especially for a face product.

    The price is really reasonable for an exfoliator at $16 for 4 ounces.  But I realized if you’re using it on your body, you’ll use the 4 ounces really fast.

    Overall, I didn’t see any improvement in my skin tone. It made my skin feel soft right after using it, but the softness went away and didn’t last long.

    Detailed Review:


    This is a very oily scrub with exfoliating particles that are pretty large in size and there aren’t very many of them.

    Smell (in the bottle)

    The smell of this is actually great – really light and slightly sweet.

    Application Process

    Application is a little messy – the type of bottle cap they use makes it kind of difficult.

    Pressing down to open it, after using it several times, became a hassle as the oils would crust in the cap and make it more and more difficult.

    I noticed I would dispense a little, and then would have to close it and shake it between each use, as the exfoliating particles would move toward the bottom of the bottle.

    Because there are so few particles, it was ok at exfoliating my cheeks, but in small areas like the sides of my nose or chin I couldn’t get enough of the exfoliating beads in one place to really exfoliate.

    Once I was ready to rinse it off, I couldn’t really get it off my skin with just water, so I started actually using my face cleanser right after to get it all off my face and hands.

    Any Drying and/or Redness?

    I definitely felt like my skin was drying out, but I didn’t have any redness.

    I didn’t break out, which was surprising with how oily this product is.

    Short Term Results

    Right after using it, my skin definitely felt soft, but without using a cleanser, my skin also felt oily.

    I woke up the next morning after using it with my night routine and didn’t see much of a difference.

    My skin felt a little exfoliated in some areas, but it was definitely uneven.

    Long Term Results

    After using it several times, I noticed that my cheeks felt dry and slightly irritated from the harshness of the walnut.

    I definitely didn’t see any improvement of my skin tone or increased firmness.

    I was really looking forward to seeing a difference with the Manuka Honey, but it just didn’t work the way I wanted it to.

    I have definitely gotten better long term results with other exfoliators in the past.


    The primary ingredient in this exfoliator is the Manuka Honey, which comes from New Zealand and is known for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

    This scrub also has Aloe Vera Gel, which is used in tons of skin care products and is generally really hydrating for the skin.

    There is Coconut Oil in this, which for some people can really clog their pores. I didn’t experience issues with this, but I thought it was worth noting.


    HoneySkin Microdermabrasion is only $16.98 for 4 oz, which is really reasonable.

    It can be purchased in larger quantities up to 16 oz, which are also priced very reasonably.

    Even though I didn’t get great results, there are a lot of great ingredients in this, so I thought the price was fine.

    Where To Buy

    To buy HoneySkin Face and Body Microdermabrasion, click here.

    HoneySkin Face and Body Microdermabrasion: Summary

    FactorHoneySkin Face and Body Microdermabrasion
    Overall Rating2 Star Rating
    Texture/FeelGel/Oil Scrub
    SmellSweet and light
    Application ProcessSlightly messy and oily
    Drying/Redness?Some drying/irritation. No redness or break-outs
    ResultsNo real improvement
    IngredientsAloe Vera Gel, Coconut Oil, Manuka Honey
    Where To BuyClick Here

    HoneySkin Face and Body Microdermabrasion Review

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