How to Use Exfoliating Gloves

    If you have questions about exfoliating gloves, then you’ve come to the right place. If we’re being honest, they seem absolutely ridiculous, right?

    Or like something your weird aunt buys you for Christmas, and you store them away under your sink for years to come.

    Here’s the thing—exfoliating gloves are actually amazing for helping you achieve glowing, envy-worthy skin. It’s simply a matter of learning how to use them.

    Follow these six easy steps for using exfoliating gloves, and maybe you’ll actually be asking for them for Christmas this year.

    Step #1 On How To Use Exfoliating Gloves– Find a quality exfoliating glove (duh!)

    exfoliating gloves and products

    When it comes to exfoliating gloves, all gloves are not created equal. Use a glove too rough, and you run the risk of damaging your skin.  Use your average winter mitten (obviously not recommended), and you’re just pushing soap around your skin.

    You definitely want some texture on your glove, but keep in mind that you’ll be deeply massaging your body with it.  So a little texture mixed with some pressure from you will get the job done.

    Knowing how your skin reacts to body exfoliation is key, too.  You can check out our post on finding a body exfoliator that’s right for you right here.  But for a simple breakdown: if you have sensitive skin, opt for a natural fiber, gentle glove.  If you have rough skin, purchase a rougher mitt for slightly more extreme exfoliation.

    Step #2 Wet your body before using it

    woman using exfoliating glove on leg

    There’s definitely something to be said about dry exfoliating.  However, it’s best to leave that to a simple washcloth or loofa.

    Exfoliating gloves are designed to be used with water and an exfoliating agent or simple body wash, so it’s best that you wet your entire body, as well as your exfoliating glove, before you start scrubbing.

    You’ll also want to use warm water.  Not that any of us enjoy a cold shower (well, not normally anyways).  The warm water will moisten your skin cells and give them a chance to soften up for easier exfoliation and removal.

    Step #3 Use a gentle body wash

    exfoliating glove with bar of soap
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    The exfoliating glove is your exfoliator, so using a glove with an abrasive soap product or scrub is overkill.  Let your glove do the work.

    After wetting your body and glove, apply a dime-sized amount of moisturizing body wash to the palm of your gloved hand.

    Step #4 Start massaging from shoulders to toes

    woman using exfoliating glove in shower
    Image via Beauty Shortcut Tips

    To remove as many dead skin cells as possible without irritating your skin, you’ll want to use circular motions, versus scrubbing up and down.

    Don’t use the glove on your face, as that’s probably too rough for most skin types.  Instead, start at your shoulders and work your way down, making sure to massage your chest, back, abdomen, arms, legs, and bottom of your feet.

    Working your way down is preferred so you end with your feet.  Who wants to use a glove on their feet first and then on their chest?  Not me.

    Be sure to sweep over each area of your skin a few times with the exfoliating glove, but avoid scrubbing one area for too long.

    Also, make sure to focus more time on your knees, elbows, and heels of your feet, as those areas are more prone to harden and toughen up from exposure to different elements.

    Step #5 Towel dry and moisturize

    Once you’ve completed your body exfoliation, pat dry with a towel and immediately moisturize.  Even if you aren’t someone who normally applies a moisturizer, you definitely don’t want to skip this step. 

    Using body lotion will not only give you soft, supple skin, but it will also give your new skin cells the protection they need.   So make sure you apply a moisturizer in every area you exfoliated with your gloves. 

    Step #6 Hang your gloves to dry and replace often!

    glove hanging in shower to dry

    Once your skin is all set, make sure you take care of your gloves.  Rinse them out thoroughly, and hang them up to dry somewhere.  We recommend letting them dry somewhere other than the shower, as the moisture in that area encourages bacteria to grow.

    Since exfoliating gloves entire purpose is to remove dead skin cells, even after rinsing them out, the dead skin cells will still be tangled in the nooks and crannies of the fibers.  That’s why it’s best to replace your exfoliating gloves every three to four weeks.

    It may sound excessive, but failure to do so could cause bacteria, yeast, and mold to grow in the gloves. YUCK.  And if you use those gloves on any areas that have a small nick or wound, it could lead to irritation and infection.

    So it’s best to play it safe and replace those exfoliating gloves every month, even if it costs you a few extra dollars in the budget.

    We may have gone into extreme details for using exfoliating gloves, but really, they’re so simple—and effective.  Just follow these quick six steps, and you’ll see a beautiful change in your skin in no time!

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