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Detailed review of Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub. See how it stacks up against other exfoliators!

Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub ReviewProduct Name:  Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub

Overall Rating:  2 Star Rating

Exfoliator Type:  Gentle Exfoliating Facial Scrub

For Body or Face?:  Face

Use:  2-3 times per week, morning or night

Size:  5 oz

Price:  $4.59

Cost Per Ounce:  $0.92

Where To Buy:  Click Here

# Of Ingredients:  16

Notable Ingredients:  Soybean Oil, Rice Powder, Vegetable Oil, Bisabolol

Quick Summary

This a very cheap, yet clean exfoliating scrub that is widely available in stores and online.

I ended up giving the product 2/5 stars because of several things I didn’t like.

First, the smell is awful. It does not have a smell labeled, but it smells like suntan lotion.

The bad smell stayed on my face even after washing it off.

When using it on my face, it didn’t seem like there were enough particles to exfoliate properly.

I felt like I had to apply a lot of pressure when using it on my face to get any good exfoliating effects.

I did not have any bad reaction after using it for several weeks, but there was no real benefit either.

The product is hypoallergenic and does not have any animal derived ingredients, which I appreciate.

I noticed that it is marketed for sensitive skin and I liked that there are no harsh chemicals.

Overall, definitely not one of my favorite facial exfoliators.

Detailed Review:


White, thin facial scrub.

The exfoliating particles were too large and there were not enough of them.

Smell (in the bottle)

There is no smell labeled on the bottle, but it has a bad smell.

It smells like a suntan lotion or adhesive of some type.

Application Process

The bottle is easy to use and close during my routine, so there was little to no mess.

After applying a small amount the first time, I had to go back and exfoliate again, because there were not enough exfoliating beads in the cream.

I even tried shaking the bottle during use to see if some of the exfoliating particles had fallen to one side. But there was no improvement after several uses.

It is a thin/slimy product with a bad smell.

Washing it off my face was easy enough, but the bad smell stayed on my skin.

Any Drying and/or Redness?

I did not have any drying or redness after several uses.

Short Term Results

Immediately after use, my skin felt soft, but I couldn’t ignore the bad smell.

I didn’t really get that sense of feeling clean or refreshed after using this exfoliator.

The next morning, I did not notice any improvement or lingering softness from using the product. It almost seemed like I didn’t use an exfoliator at all.

Long Term Results

After using the product several times over many weeks, I didn’t notice any improvement.

While I didn’t experience any drying or redness, I didn’t notice a result at all.


This exfoliator contains rice powder for the exfoliator, which is a natural (very commonly) used ingredient for exfoliating.

Bisabolol is a conditioning ingredient that is also very popular in skin care. It comes from chamomile oil and is generally used to avoid dryness and irritation.

Soybean oil is used for moisturizing and also contains lipids, which are meant to replenish skin.


This is an incredibly affordable product at less than $5.00 on most websites that I could find.

Where To Buy

To buy Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub, click here.

Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub: Summary

Factor Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub
Overall Rating 2 Star Rating
Texture/Feel Thin/Oily Facial Scrub
Smell Unappealing, like suntan lotion
Application Process Easy to apply, but you have to use a lot of product. Easy to rinse off
Drying/Redness? No
Results No improvement or change in my skin
Ingredients Soybean Oil, Rice Powder, Bisabolol
Price $4.59
Where To Buy Click Here

Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub Review

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