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    SkinFun IPX7 ReviewProduct Name:  SkinFun IPX7 Waterproof Face and Body Microdermabrasion Brush Set

    Overall Rating:  3.5 Star Rating

    Exfoliator Type:  Brush

    For Body or Face?:  Both

    Use:  Daily

    Size:  N/A

    Price:  $18.99

    Cost Per Ounce:  N/A

    Where To Buy:  Click Here

    # Of Ingredients:  N/A

    Notable Ingredients:  N/A

    Quick Summary

    I thought this was a good product for the price. This is a battery-powered tool with 5 attachments including a facial brush, facial polishing sponge, body brush, body massager, and pumice stone.  It also comes with a stand for storing the device upright.

    I decided to rate the SkinFun set 3.5/5 stars after using the attachments.  For this review, I used the facial brush and facial sponge in particular for cleansing and exfoliating.

    First, the facial brush is very soft and does a great job with a cleanser in terms of washing your face.

    The facial polish sponge is soft and is meant for “buffing” the skin.  I personally did not see any real benefit from using it over several weeks.

    The brush has 3 speeds and can withstand a good amount of pressure without slowing down during use.

    The price for the device and all of the attachments is very reasonable.

    It is a battery-powered device that requires 4 AA batteries (not included), so there is no need to plug it in or recharge it.

    It is waterproof and continued working after several weeks of use with different products.

    The small stand for storing the device on your bathroom counter is also great.

    Detailed Review:


    The SkinFun facial brush is a great product to use for facial cleansing.

    The facial brush is very soft with flexible bristles, which made it easy to get to the small areas around the nose and eyes that can be missed.

    The facial sponge is for “polishing” and buffing the skin.  It is a very soft sponge that is very soft with very tiny perforations, which made it quite nonabsorbent and less effective as an exfoliator.


    Not applicable.

    Application Process

    Using the SkinFun facial brush was very easy to do with my daily routine and always worked well.

    The brush will rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise along with 3 speeds.

    There are times when I wished that the brush would rotate even faster for more effective exfoliating.

    While using the polishing sponge attachment, I found that using it without product was the best. When I tried using it with an exfoliator, it seemed to just move the exfoliating beads out of the way instead of create any exfoliating effect.  I also tried using it with a cleanser, which completely took away from any “buffing” effect of the sponge.  When using it with just water, I thought it was the most effective for exfoliating (which was not much).

    The bristles on the facial brush are so soft and cleaned my face very well with my daily cleanser.  I also tried using the brush with an exfoliator, which was more effective than the polishing sponge.  Although, the softness of the bristles made the exfoliating very gentle, regardless of the speed of rotation of the brush.

    Once you are finished, you can simply remove the brush/sponge attachment to rinse it and let it dry.

    Any Drying and/or Redness?

    I do not typically use a brush with my daily facial cleansing routine and weekly exfoliating, so I did have some redness on my cheeks for the first few days with the sponge.

    Short Term Results

    The facial cleansing brush was very soft.  It did work very well in terms of washing with my facial cleanser.  However, I didn’t think the brush was great for exfoliating unless I applied a lot of pressure.

    I did experience some redness after using the facial sponge for the first few days, but I was able to adjust the speed pressure I was placing, which helped as time went on.

    Long Term Results

    My skin felt very clean each time after using the brush with my cleanser.

    In terms of exfoliating, the facial sponge did not really do much in terms of short or long term results, which was a little disappointing.


    This particular SkinFun set contains the facial brush, facial polishing sponge, body massager, body brush, pumice stone, and stand to store the device.


    The SkinFun set can be purchased online for $18.99.

    I thought the price was incredibly cheap compared to all of the other brushes on the market, which can be really expensive.  So if you are on a budget, I recommend this product, especially for the facial cleansing brush attachment.

    Where To Buy

    To buy the SkinFun set, click here.

    SkinFun IPx7 Waterproof Face and Body Microdermabrasion Brush Set: Summary

    FactorSkinFun IPx7 Waterproof Face and Body Microdermabrasion Brush Set
    Overall Rating3.5 Star Rating
    Texture/FeelSoft facial brush and facial polishing sponge
    Application ProcessVery easy to use and easy to clean
    Drying/Redness?Some light redness as I first started using it, which went away over time
    ResultsLeaves skin feeling very clean.  Not much exfoliating or benefit from the polishing facial sponge.
    IngredientsFacial Brush, Facial Sponge, Body Brush, Massage attachment, and Pumice Stone
    Where To BuyClick Here

    SkinFun Review

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