The Perfect Skincare Routine in 5 Easy Steps!

    Skincare RoutineNo matter what your skin type, there’s a common skincare routine that will help you on your way to glowing, youthful skin.

    Whether you have acne or wrinkles, oily or dry skin, the products may change, but the routine never does.

    Once find the products that work for you, and follow these five easy steps, you’ll reveal the radiant skin you never knew you had!

    1.  Cleanse

    All day, your skin is subjected to pollution, makeup, dirt, and oil.  Don’t just splash water on your face and call it a day. Instead, take time to really clean your face, using first a makeup remover and then a cleanser to make sure you get a deep clean.

    Cleanser alone doesn’t remove stubborn makeup, but makeup remover alone doesn’t deliver cleansing benefits. If you have dry skin, you might want to consider an oil cleanser after your makeup remover.

    2.  Exfoliate

    Exfoliation is one of the most important steps in any skincare routine (duh!), but one that’s often skipped over.  Exfoliation removes dead skin cells to reveal younger, clearer cells beneath.  It also seriously softens skin, revealing a smoother surface that helps your makeup glide on more evenly.  If you exfoliate once or twice a week, go for an exfoliating scrub, but if you’re exfoliating every day, look for powders that are gentler on your skin.

    3.  Tone

    Now that your face is clean and exfoliated, it’s primed to receive nutrients. Toners, which come in a variety of blends of vitamins and antioxidants, permeate and repair your skin.

    Because your skin is so perceptive to receiving nutrients at this time, make sure your toner is made of all natural and organic ingredients.

    4.  Serum

    Serum is like a magic skincare weapon. Lots of people go straight to moisturizer after toner, but smart girls know serum is key to glowing skin.

    From radiance boosting to anti-aging, there are hundreds of serums on the market, so take some time to find one that’s best for you.

    Serum’s consistency allows it to really penetrate your pores and deliver vitamins and other nutrients.  They’re concentrated, so you only need a few drops and a bottle will last longer than you think.

    5.  Moisturize

    Finally, finish up with a good dose of face lotion.  Moisturizer seals in your serum and toner, and creates a barrier against pollution and impurities in makeup while delivering long-lasting hydration.  If you have oily skin you might want to consider a gel-based moisturizer, while those will dry skin will want to opt for heavier creams.

    There you have it!

    In just five easy steps, your skincare routine is boosted and you’re on your way to healthier, clearer skin.

    If you need help finding a good exfoliator, be sure to check out our rankings of the best exfoliators for your face.

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