What Does Jennifer Lopez Use To Exfoliate Her Amazing Legs?

    Jennifer Lopez ExfoliateJennifer Lopez seems to defy the logic of aging.

    Years pass, celebrities age, and J-Lo stays the same, gorgeous and glowing into her forties.

    So what’s her secret?

    It turns out, it’s diamonds.

    Lopez exfoliates with a body scrub from Australia that’s made with diamond powder, and she swears it combats cellulite.

    Though you wouldn’t guess it, she says her legs have always been a problem area, and when she gains weight cellulite pops up on her thighs.

    That is, until she started exfoliating regularly, and now she says her legs have never looked better.

    Clearly, the paparazzi and media buzz around her anti-aging magic agree.

    To keep her legs looking lovely even in drier, winter months, Lopez lathers on moisturizer and gets regular spray tans.

    If you’re getting a spray tan or applying self tanner, exfoliating is an extremely important first step.

    It evens out your skin’s surface and reduce any splotches or streaks during the application process.

    Lopez loves her diamond exfoliator because it preps her skin and makes her spray tan last even longer.

    Not making millions?

    The scrub is reportedly $250, so you don’t necessarily have to be a celebrity to afford it, though it’s still not exactly cheap.

    But don’t worry…

    You can use a number of other great exfoliators out there that aren’t made with diamonds, but still do the trick.

    The important thing is that you’re scrubbing away dead skin and revealing younger, plumper cells.

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