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Detailed review of Whish Sugar Scrub. See how it stacks up against other exfoliators!

Whish Sugar Scrub ReviewProduct Name:  Whish Sugar Scrub

Overall Rating:  1 Star Rating

Exfoliator Type:  Scrub

For Body or Face?:  Body

Use:  Not listed

Size:  12 oz

Price:  $38.00

Cost Per Ounce:  $3.17

Where To Buy:  Click Here

# Of Ingredients:  22

Notable Ingredients:  Organic Aloe, Brown Sugar, and Organic Shea Butter

Quick Summary

Whish Sugar Scrub is one of the worst exfoliators I’ve tried.

Not only did the product do a horrible job exfoliating my skin, but it leaves an awful, waxy film on your skin that’s nearly impossible to remove.  I ended up having to rewash my body after using this scrub due to the residue this product leaves behind.

The only thing this product has going for it is the smell. This product comes in multiple scents, which are all absolutely amazing.  I think the product would make a better candle than scrub.

Overall, I gave this exfoliator a 1 out of 5 stars and wouldn’t recommend it.

Detailed Review:


Whish Sugar Scrub is an EXTREMELY thick scrub.  It’s almost solid in the jar and has the consistency of coconut oil.

Overall, the product feels very waxy.  It contains sugar granules as its main exfoliant, which you can only feel as you begin to spread the product onto your body.


The smell of this product is the only thing I really enjoyed.

Whish Sugar Scrub comes in 10 different scents. I tried the coconut and it smelled absolutely amazing.  I’m obsessed with the smell of this product.

Application Process

The application of this scrub is tougher than it appears.

There are no instructions on the jar or their website.  On ulta.com, it advises you to apply a small amount to desired area and rinse.

This is easier said than done.  The scrub it so thick and waxy it is difficult to spread over your skin and even harder to get off.

The product left a waxy film on my skin that was impossible to get off.  I ended up having to re-wash my body after use with a loofa just to get the product off.

It didn’t advise how often to use this; however, after one use I never wanted to use it again.

Any Drying and/or Redness?

This product it extremely gentle and hydrating.  I did not experience any drying or redness from this scrub.


I was very disappointed in the results from this exfoliator.

Not only was it difficult to apply and rinse off, but it hardly exfoliated my skin whatsoever.  After use, my skin felt uncomfortably waxy and hydrated; however, there were still areas of dead skin I had prior to use.


Shea butter and aloe are two common ingredients used in this scrub.  Both of these ingredients are extremely hydrating and said to help with blemishes, wrinkles, sunburns and many other skin ailments.

Brown sugar is the main exfoliating agent used in this product.  Sugar is an increasingly popular exfoliant due to its ability to gently remove dead skin cells in an ecofriendly fashion.


Whish Sugar Scrub costs $38 for 12 oz.  This works out to be just over $3 an oz.  This is extremely reasonable for an exfoliator; however, I was so disappointed with this one I wouldn’t use it if it was free.

Where To Buy

To buy Whish Sugar Scrub, click here.

Whish Sugar Scrub: Summary

Factor Whish Sugar Scrub
Overall Rating 1 Star Rating
Texture/Feel Thick, Waxy Scrub
Smell Coconut
Application Process Difficult to spread over body, leaves waxy film on skin
Drying/Redness? No
Results Left skin feeling waxy, did not exfoliate well
Ingredients Shea Butter, Aloe, Brown Sugar
Price $38.00
Where To Buy Click Here

Whish Sugar Scrub Review

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