Why Is It Good to Exfoliate Your Face?

    Why Is It Good To Exfoliate Your Face?

    Why is it good to exfoliate your face?

    I’m so glad you asked.

    With the number of incredible skincare benefits face exfoliation has to offer, it’s a wonder why more women, and men, aren’t doing it.

    After reading this blog post, however, you’ll be convinced that exfoliation is for you, no matter what skin type you have, and you’ll never be able to look at your skincare routine the same.

    So buckle up, and prepare to be skin-lightened (see what I did there? Clever, right?)

    Reason #1 Why It’s Good To Exfoliate Your Face:  Say goodbye to large pores

    If you aren’t struggling with large pores on your nose and inner cheeks, then consider yourself blessed by the skin gods.

    If you’re like the rest of us peasants, however, then you know what a big deal this is.

    How sick are you of buying pore-filling makeup primers, or hating every picture you take because your pores take center stage?

    Here’s the skinny on large pores:  when your pores become clogged, they appear larger, and simply cleansing your skin isn’t going to declog them.

    Exfoliating will decongest your pores, allowing them to diminish in size and leaving your skin with a polished, healthy look. (Double score).

    Reason #2:  Make acne a thing of the past

    Woman Exfoliating Her Face

    At some point during our high school years, someone lied to us and said that once we reach adulthood, acne would no longer plague us. FALSE.

    Whoever is telling these lies needs to stop, like now.

    Many of us still struggle with acne on a daily basis, and are on an endless hunt to figure out how to clear up our skin.

    Say hello to face exfoliation.

    Clogged pores trap oil under the skin’s surface, and exfoliating your face helps clean and unclog those pores, leading to less pimples and breakouts.

    Regular exfoliation can also help with acne scarring, as it removes the top layer of dead skin cells and encourages your skin to create fresh skin cells.

    Also, take a look at this post on for ideas on how often to exfoliate your face when you have acne.

    Reason #3:  Anti-aging perks… yes please

    Youthful Skin

    If you’re still asking yourself why is it good to exfoliate your face?, then it is time we talk about the anti-aging benefits.

    Whether you’re 25 or 65, anti-aging products should play a major role in your skincare regimen, if not the main role.

    As we age, our skin becomes more dry and less elastic, making it harder for our skin to be resilient and bounce back from years of damage.

    This is how those annoying fine lines and wrinkles begin to pop up.

    By exfoliating your face, you are getting rid of old, dead skin cells and causing your skin to regenerate new, younger cells.

    This leaves you with a healthier, more youthful look, and actually begins to slow down the aging process on your face.

    Reason #4:  Better product absorption

    If you’re like me, then you aren’t just washing and moisturizing your face in the morning and night.

    You’re likely using a face serum, eye cream, and some sort of acne product, as well.

    Without exfoliating your face, you’re just piling those products on top of dead skin cells that can’t be brought back to life.

    By using a face exfoliator, you’re removing the dead skin cells and built up dirt, and allowing your face products to deeply penetrate the new skin that actually needs those products.

    And, as a major bonus for us makeup girls, this applies to our makeup products, as well.

    When your skin has a better texture and fewer dry patches of dead cells, your makeup will glide on more smoothly and settle into your face beautifully.

    Reason #5:  Overall improvement of skin tone and texture

    Skin Diagram
    Image via Sonya Dakar

    Skin is constantly turning over, so as cells on the top layer of our skin die off, the lower level of our skin sends new cells up to replace them.

    Unfortunately, our skin doesn’t always do a great job of getting rid of those dead skin cells on its own, meaning cells begin to gather unevenly on the skin’s surface.

    When this happens, our skin begins to experience dry patches, an overall dull appearance, and uneven texture and tone.

    By exfoliating your face, you are helping get rid of those dead skin cells, and encouraging your face to generate new, healthy cells to replace them, leaving you with a bright, even skin tone.

    So, why is it good to exfoliate your face?

    I think the answer is obvious.

    No matter what your skin goals or needs are, face exfoliation will help get you there.

    And the best news? It requires such little commitment.

    For most skin types, one to three times a week is all you need to help fight against signs of aging and dull skin, and leave you with a glowing, dewy look every day.

    So what are you waiting for? Go grab your favorite exfoliator and get to scrubbing (gently!)

    And if you’re looking for the exact steps, be sure to read our post on how to exfoliate your face.

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